Table 2.

Number and location of joinpoints in the final model and trend measures: annual absolute change in 5-year and 1-year AAC_S(5) and AAC_S(1), respectively, and percent change in the annual probability of cancer death (APC_D) with respective 95% confidence intervals.

Cancer siteStageNo. JPs final modelNo. aliveStart yearEnd yearAAC_S(5)AAC_S(5) 95% C.I.AAC_S(1)AAC_S(1) 95% C.I.APC_DAPC_D 95% C.I.
BreastLocal24,16319751982−0.05 pp(−0.226 to 0.126)n.s.0.00 pp(−0.005 to 0.003)n.s.0.6%(−1.485 to 2.662)n.s.
198219880.81 pp(0.669–0.951)0.02 pp(0.001–0.031)12.3%(−14.184 to −10.371)
198820150.13 pp(0.116–0.151)0.00 pp(0.000–0.005)6.7%(−7.652 to −5.782)
BreastRegional33,363197519790.07 pp(−0.285 to 0.424)n.s.0.01 pp(−0.042 to 0.062)n.s.−0.3%(−1.594 to 1.069)n.s.
197919960.72 pp(0.666–0.773)0.10 pp(0.089–0.106)−3.2%(−3.462 to −2.965)
199620001.23 pp(1.047–1.416)0.15 pp(0.128–0.174)7.5%(−8.580 to −6.396)
200020150.31 pp(0.247–0.365)0.04 pp(0.029–0.043)−2.6%(−3.051 to −2.050)
BreastDistant1676197519930.30 pp(0.212–0.391)0.28 pp(0.197–0.370)−0.9%(−1.234 to −0.665)
199320150.79 pp(0.711–0.865)0.54 pp(0.486–0.592)−2.2%(−2.391 to −1.962)
MelanomaLocal1941197519810.02 pp(−0.307 to 0.354)n.s.0.00 pp(−0.002 to 0.002)n.s.−0.3%(−4.083 to 3.538)n.s.
198120150.25 pp(0.223–0.277)0.00 pp(−0.004 to 0.008)n.s.8.7%(−9.715 to −7.760)
MelanomaRegional0134197520150.47 pp(0.380–0.559)0.12 pp(0.096–0.147)−1.6%(−1.884 to −1.292)
MelanomaDistant160197520090.14 pp(0.046–0.237)0.18 pp(0.056–0.297)−0.5%(−0.808 to −0.153)
200920152.86 pp(2.096–3.629)2.81 pp(2.103–3.517)7.9%(−9.876 to −5.885)
CMLAll2294197519950.67 pp(0.453–0.879)0.50 pp(0.338–0.671)−1.9%(−2.464 to −1.266)
199520102.48 pp(2.208–2.743)1.23 pp(1.079–1.371)7.5%(−8.357 to −6.578)
20102015−1.05 pp(−2.479 to 0.375)n.s.−0.42 pp(−1.009 to 0.160)n.s.4.2%(−1.428 to 9.897)n.s.
NHLAll41,731197519830.82 pp(0.455–1.177)0.61 pp(0.339–0.873)−2.3%(−3.311 to −1.322)
19831990−0.30 pp(−0.625 to 0.017)n.s.−0.22 pp(−0.454 to 0.011)n.s.0.9%(−0.051 to 1.841)n.s.
199019950.76 pp(0.356–1.165)0.55 pp(0.257–0.841)−2.2%(−3.387 to −1.055)
199520032.00 pp(1.785–2.216)1.33 pp(1.188–1.481)6.6%(−7.327 to −5.949)
200320150.40 pp(0.266–0.542)0.25 pp(0.165–0.336)−1.7%(−2.324 to −1.137)
  • Note: Arrows up represent increasing survival; arrows down represent decreasing survival trends and n.s. are not statistically significant trends either increasing or decreasing. Bold numbers represent AAC_S(5) and AAC_S(1) > 1 survival percentage point (pp) for a later year of diagnosis, and APC_D<−5%.