Table 1.

Results of genome-wide association studies of NPC.

StudyCases (n)LocusGene
Ng et al. (2009)111 + 168rs2212020, rs189897Integrin-α 9 (ITGA9), 3p21
Tse et al. (2009)277 + 339 + 296rs2517713, rs2975042HLA-A, 6p21.3
rs3129055, rs9258122HLA-F, 6p21.3
rs29232Gamma-aminobutyric acid b receptor 1 (GABBR1), 6p21.3
Bei et al. (2010)1,583 + 3,507 + 279rs2860580HLA-A, 6p21.3
rs2894207HLA-B/C, 6p21.3
rs28421666HLA-DQ/DR, 6p21.3
rs9510787TNF receptor superfamily member 19 (TNFRSF19), 13q12
rs6774494Myelodysplasia 1 and ecotropic viral insertion site 1 (MDS1-EVI1), 3q26
rs1412829Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors 2A and 2B (CDKN2A/2B), 9p21
Tang et al. (2012)567 + 356 + 482HLA-A 62GlnHLA-A*11:01
HLA-BHLA-B*13:01, HLA-B*55:02, HLA-B*38:02
−16Leu, 116Leu
Chin et al. (2015)184 + 260rs11136697, HLA-A 99CysHLA-A*02:07, HLA-A*11:01
rs1059520, HLA-A 145HisHLA-A*11:01
Cui et al. (2016a)1,583 + 1,925 + 3,538rs401681Telomerase reverse transcriptase/cleft lip and palate transmembrane protein 1-like (TERT-CLPTM1L), 5p15
rs6498114Class II MHC transactivator (CIITA), 16p13
  • Abbreviation: HLA, human leukocyte antigen.