Table 1.

Summary of iBRI results for association between the biological pathways investigated and colorectal cancer risk.

KY (1,054 cases; 1,637 controls)CCFR (1,132 cases; 1,179 controls)MECC (141 cases; 150 controls)
PathwaySummary BFiBRIaGenesbRare variantscBFiBRIdGenesVariantsBFiBRIGenesVariantsBFiBRI
DNA repair17,852.41321,08221.151321,04234.1310829124.73
Folate metabolism0.46381950.54371720.4024392.16
TGFβ signaling0.37752800.96723010.5036670.77
Vitamin D metabolism0.35101280.7091300.516391.00
  • aSummary BF from the iBRI method calculated by the product of the three study-specific BFs (KY, CCFR, MECC).

  • bNumber of genes in the pathway.

  • cMinor allele frequency <0.01.

  • dStudy-specific BF from the iBRI method.