Table 1.

Participant demographics and cancer-specific characteristics at baseline.

Full sampleNo cancerCancer
(N = 233,135)(n = 202,732)(n = 30,403)
M (SD) or %M (SD) or %M (SD) or %
Age (years)61.82 (5.36)61.61 (5.39)63.22 (5.00)
BMI26.93 (4.91)26.91 (4.94)27.02 (4.74)
Self-reported health status
 Very good37.46%37.52%37.10%
Frailty index
 Mildly frail7.74%7.60%8.71%
 Moderately to severely frail1.19%1.17%1.27%
Cancer stage
Cancer treatment
Time between diagnosis and ambulatory function assessment (y)4.55 (2.83)
  • Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index; M, mean; SD, standard deviation.