Table 1.

EDRN biospecimen reference sets.

Reference setType of specimensParticipants, nParticipant groups
Bladder cancerSerum, whole urine, DNA from blood497Bladder cancer cases
Healthy controls
High-risk controls
Breast cancerSerum, plasma, buffy coat832Prediagnosis specimens
DCIS cases
Invasive cancer cases
LCIS cases
Benign→later cancer cases
Normal→later cancer cases
Benign disease atypia controls
Benign disease non-atypia controls
Normal controls
Cancers in women endometrium, ovary, breastSerum, plasma536Cases (pooled)
Controls (pooled)
Colon cancerSerum, plasma, whole urine150Cases
Adenoma controls
Normal controls
Liver cancerSerum, plasma871Cases
Lung cancerSerum, plasma1,205Cases
High-risk controls with CT nodule
High-risk controls with no CT nodule
Pancreatic cancerSerum, plasma255Cases
Prostate cancerSerum, plasma, buffy coat, RNA, supernatant fluid, whole urine900Initial biopsy w/cancer cases
Repeat biopsy w/cancer cases
Confirmed but no biopsy controls
Initial biopsy w/o cancer controls
Repeat biopsy w/o cancer controls
Prostate cancer (retrospective)Serum663Cases
  • Abbreviations: DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; LCIS, lobular carcinoma in situ.