Table 1.

Validated Barrett's esophagus early detection markers.

BiomarkerMethodStudy designAUCSensitivitySpecificityRef.
TFF3IHC (Cytosponge)BEST-2:80%92%(60)
Case–control (N = 1,110)
mVIM and mCCNA1bsNSG (Esocheck device)Case–control90%92%(35)
Validation cohort (N = 86)
mB3GAT2methyLight PCR (endoscopic brushings)Case–control0.9580%86%(36)
Validation cohort (N = 66)
mZNF793methyLight PCR (endoscopic brushings)Case–control0.9680%93%(36)
Validation cohort (N = 66)
mTFPI2methyLight PCR (Cytosponge)Case–control0.88 (0.84–0.91)82%96%(40)
Validation cohort (N = 278)
mTWIST1methyLight PCR (Cytosponge)Case–control validation cohort (N = 278)0.81 (0.77–0.86)70%93%(40)
  • Note: The table summarizes Barrett's esophagus biomarkers that have been evaluated in clinical cohorts.

  • Abbreviations: bsNSG, bisulfite next-generation sequencing; IHC, immunohistochemistry.