Table 3.

Sensitivity analyses for the association between plasma Aβ40 and Aβ42 levels with risk of cancer.

Plasma assessment (pg/mL)an/NHR (95% CI)
Additional adjustment for creatinine level (μmol/L)b
Aβ40229/1,5141.13 (0.96–1.33)
Aβ42229/1,5141.10 (0.94–1.28)
Excluding first 2 years of follow-up
Aβ40438/3,6721.08 (0.97–1.20)
Aβ42438/3,6721.07 (0.97–1.18)
Excluding first 5 years of follow-up
Aβ40242/3,2711.12 (0.96–1.29)
Aβ42242/3,2711.15 (1.01–1.32)
  • Note: HRs are adjusted for age at blood draw, sex, assay batch number, education, body mass index, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, smoking, alcohol use, CES-D sum score, and systemic immune-inflammation index.

  • Abbreviations: n, number of participants with incident cancer; N, total number for participants.

  • aPlasma assessments are log2 transformed and standardized.

  • bCreatinine levels were measured in a random sample of 1,514 of 3,949 participants.