Table 2.

Comparisons of 2007–2011 cancer mortality rates for the entire United States versus counties defined by persistent poverty.

Nonpersistent poverty (ref)Persistent povertyUnadjusted differenceAdjusted difference
MeanSEMeanSE% DiffEst.PEst.P
All cancer types179.30.6201.31.812.322.0<0.00018.3<0.0001
Lung and bronchus52.30.360.<0.00012.9<0.001
Liver and intrahepatic bile duct5.<0.00010.5<0.01
  • Note: Cancer mortality rates are expressed as deaths per 100,000 people per year except breast and cervical cancers (deaths per 100,000 females per year) and prostate cancer (deaths per 100,000 males per year). Two-sample t tests were used to estimate unadjusted differences in cancer mortality rates for counties not in persistent poverty (reference category) versus counties in persistent poverty, and multivariate linear regressions were used to estimate adjusted differences in cancer mortality rates. Adjusted models controlled for county-level metropolitan status; Census region; percentage of residents who are female, non-Hispanic black, Hispanic, with a bachelor's degree or higher, and unemployed; and median household income.

  • Abbreviations: Diff, difference; Est., estimate; ref, reference; SE, standard error.