Table 3.

ORsa and 95% CI of colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer subtypes per 1 unit increase in ln plasma CRP concentrationsb.

CRC subgroupn complete cases/controlscOR (95% CI)Pheterogeneityd
All CRC835/8171.03 (0.97–1.09)
 Male437/4281.03 (0.95–1.12)0.824
 Female398/3891.02 (0.94–1.11)
BRAF/KRAS mutation status
BRAF mutated123/1161.11 (0.96–1.27)0.354
KRAS mutated137/1381.05 (0.91–1.20)
BRAF/KRAS wild-type320/3140.99 (0.91–1.08)
MSI status
 MSI78/701.05 (0.87–1.27)0.833
 MSS504/4981.03 (0.96–1.09)
Tumor location
 Right colon258/2451.02 (0.91–1.13)0.426
 Left colon247/2481.09 (0.98–1.22)
 Rectum324/3180.99 (0.90–1.09)
Disease stage
 Stage I–II395/3851.01 (0.93–1.10)0.641
 Stage III–IV390/3831.04 (0.96–1.14)
Lag time
 <5 years134/1341.13 (0.96–1.32)0.583
 5–10 years202/1980.98 (0.85–1.12)
 10–15 years251/2451.01 (0.90–1.13)
 >15 years248/2401.03 (0.93–1.14)
Disease stage/lag time
 Stage III–IV/lag time <5 years64/611.32 (1.01–1.73)0.288
 Stage III–IV/lag time 5–10 years90/880.96 (0.77–1.19)
 Stage III–IV/lag time 10–15 years124/1221.01 (0.87–1.18)
 Stage III–IV/lag time >15 years112/1121.02 (0.88–1.18)
BMIe, kg/m2
 <25317/3540.99 (0.97–1.02)0.129
 25–30384/3431.03 (1.00–1.06)
 >30134/1201.02 (0.98–1.06)
  • Abbreviation: CRC, colorectal cancer.

  • aMultivariable ORs adjusted for age, sex, cohort, sample year and fasting status, smoking status, recreational physical activity, alcohol intake, diabetes mellitus, and BMI (model 3). For estimates from model 1 and 2, see Supplementary Table S1.

  • bFrom multiple imputation data.

  • cNumbers (n) per subgroup represent complete cases and controls with complete covariate data, molecular data for the remaining cases were imputed. Complete estimates for all adjusted models for imputed and complete case data are presented in Supplementary Table S1 for comparison.

  • dPheterogeneity between subtypes was tested with Wald test comparing the observed overall log OR and subtype-specific log ORs from the final multivariable model (model 3).

  • eORs from unconditional logistic regression model (model 2) adjusted for all covariates listed above, except BMI.