Table 4.

Detection of CIN2+ or CIN3+ versus colposcopies needed of different triage strategies.

Number of colposcopiesNumber of CIN2+ detectedNumber of CIN3+ detectedNumber of colposcopies per CIN2+ detectedNumber of colposcopies per CIN3+ detected
Triage all HPV(+) with dual-stained cytology18680/12675/1162.332.48
Triage all HPV(+) with Pap cytology22278/12673/1162.853.04
Triage all HPV(+) with HPV 16/18 type27778/12673/1163.553.79
HPV16/18 to colposcopy and triage 12 other379109/126101/1163.483.75
 HR-HPV(+) with dual-stained cytology
HPV16/18 to colposcopy and triage 12 other410108/126100/1163.804.1
 HR-HPV(+) with Pap cytology
  • Abbreviation: HR-HPV, high-risk human papillomavirus.