Table 2.

Description of procedures for biospecimen collection for measurement of CAR, HCC, and TL.

BiomarkerBiospecimenNumber of samplesTime of dayPreparation instructionsMaterialsProcedureStorage
CAR, a measure of HPA dysregulationSalivaNine samples (3 per day, for 3 consecutive days)On awakening, 30 minutes postawakening, bedtimeCollect at least 30 min after drinking, eating, or brushing teethTube, straw-like aide to collect saliva, boxUsing straw-like aide, passively drool saliva into tube to fill line (2 mL)Place tube in box, immediately store in refrigerator
HCC, a measure chronic stressHairOne sampleAny timeAvoid coloring hair for at least 2 weeks before sample is takenSmall rubber band, index card, tape, envelopeFrom back of head, separate 100 strands from rest of hair using small rubber band, cut close to scalp. Tape hair to index card, denoting end closest to scalpPlace card in envelope, store at room temperature
TL, a measure of premature agingSaliva (DNA is extracted from cheek cells found in saliva)One sampleAny timeNo drinking, smoking, brushing teeth 1 hour before; rinse mouth two times beforeFunnel, tube (stabilization agent in tube cap), storage bag, prepared labelGently rub inside of mouth using teeth, allow saliva to pool, spit saliva into funnel, fill tube to fill line (2 mL)Apply label to tube, place tube in storage bag, store at room temperature