Table 5.

Female relatives' report of personal history of breast cancer compared with cancer registry records, Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry

Female first-degree relatives with cancer in the California Cancer Registry
Breast cancers identified in the cancer registryBreast cancers also reported by relativeSensitivity % (95% CI)a of relative reportBreast cancers also reported by probandSensitivity % (95% CI)a of proband report
All breast cancer18217395.9 (91.9–98.0)15686.2 (80.3–90.5)
In situ261973.1 (53.5–86.6)1557.7 (38.5–74.8)
 Invasive15615498.7 (95.0–99.7)14190.3 (84.6–94.1)
In situ or invasive breast cancer
Relative's race/ethnicityb
 Non-Hispanic white585798.3 (88.7–99.8)5289.6 (78.7–95.3)
 Hispanic white524793.7 (83.9–97.7)4078.6 (65.3–87.7)
 African American373594.5 (80.6–98.6)3287.9 (42.0–94.5)
 Asian American353497.1 (82.1–99.6)3290.5 (74.8–96.9)
Invasive breast cancer
Relative's race/ethnicityb
 Non-Hispanic white49491004591.8 (80.2–96.9)
 Hispanic white464597.8 (86.1–99.7)3984.7 (71.2–92.5)
 African American353494.5 (82.3–99.6)3291.4 (76.4–97.2)
 Asian American26261002596.1 (76.9–99.5)
  • aCalculated using GEE to account for multiple members in 1 family.

  • bRace/ethnicity is self-reported based on the relatives' risk factor questionnaire. Given small counts for some racial/ethnic groups, we combined groups as follows: African Americans include Black Hispanics; Asian Americans include Asian Hispanics.