Table 3.

Female probands' report of family history of breast and other cancersa in female first-degree relatives compared with cancer registry records, Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry

Female first-degree relativesb with cancer in the California Cancer Registry
NAlso reported by probandsSensitivity % (95% CI)c of proband report
All breast cancersd55152695.5 (93.4–96.9)
Type of cancer
In situ524688.5 (76.6–94.7)
 Invasive49948096.2 (94.1–97.6)
Type of relative
 Mother29328697.6 (95.1–98.9)
 Sister24923192.7 (88.8–95.3)
Other cancerse336240
 Ovarianf443579.5 (65.1–89.0)
 Cervicalf621422.7 (13.9–34.9)
 Colorectalf503365.3 (51.2–77.1)
 Uterinef341852.9 (36.5–68.8)
 Lungf372776.2 (56.0–84.6)
  • aProbands could report multiple cancers for each relative in the family history questionnaire.

  • bFull and half-sisters, mothers, and affected adult daughters.

  • cCalculated using GEE to account for multiple members in one family.

  • dRelatives with breast cancer only or with multiple primary cancers, including breast cancer.

  • eRelatives with at least one primary non-breast cancer.

  • fRelatives with cancer(s) at the site specified only or those with multiple primary cancers, including one at the site specified.