Table 4.

Predictors of sensitivity of female probands' reports of family history of breast cancer in female first-degree relativesa compared with cancer registry records, Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry

Female first-degree relativesb with breast cancer in the California Cancer Registry
NAlso reported by probandsSensitivity % (95% CI) of proband reportcP valued
All breast cancers55152695.5 (93.4–96.9)0.02
In situ524688.5 (76.6–94.7)
 Invasive49948096.2 (94.1–97.6)
Breast cancer (in situ or invasive)
Proband's race/ethnicitye
 Non-Hispanic white22221496.4 (93.0–98.2)
 Hispanic white11310391.2 (84.4–95.2)0.05
 African American11611397.4 (92.2–99.2)0.61f
 Asian American989495.6 (89.0–98.3)0.82
  Chinese353394.3 (79.8–98.6)0.55
  Filipina373697.3 (83.0–99.6)0.78
  Other Asian/Pacific Islander7664.1 (41.1–82.0)0.11
Breast cancer (invasive only)
Proband's race/ethnicitye
 Non-Hispanic white19819397.5 (94.1–98.9)
 Hispanic white1029492.1 (85.0–96.0)0.04
 African American11311097.3 (92.0–99.1)0.94
 Asian American848196.4 (89.5–98.8)0.63
  Chinese312993.5 (77.6–98.4)0.25
  Filipina323196.9 (80.7–99.6)0.84
  Other Asian/Pacific Islander44100n/a
Proband's age (years)g
 <5018618096.8 (93.0–98.5)0.29
 ≥5036534694.8 (92.0–96.6)
Proband's education
 High school graduate or less14113394.3 (89.1–97.1)0.45
 Some college or more41039395.9 (93.4–97.4)
Proband's place of birth
 U.S.-born44442796.2 (93.9–97.6)0.10
 Foreign-born1079992.0 (84.9–95.9)
 Hispanic whites
  U.S.-born777192.1 (83.5–96.4)0.54
  Foreign-born363288.4 (73.3–95.5)
  Foreign-born232191.3 (71.1–97.8)
Proband's English language proficiency
 Spoken well51449496.1 (94.1–97.5)<0.01
 Not spoken well332880.0 (52.8–93.5)
 Hispanic whites
  Spoken well928693.4 (86.1–97.0)
  Not spoken well211778.8 (53.7–92.2)0.07
  Spoken well272696.3 (77.9–99.5)0.37
  Not spoken well8787.5 (46.3–98.3)
  • aProbands could report multiple cancers for each relative in the family history questionnaire.

  • bFull and half-sisters, mothers, and affected adult daughters.

  • cCalculated using GEE to account for multiple members in one family.

  • dTwo-sided P value from Wald test using empirical standard error.

  • eRace/ethnicity is self-reported based on the probands' screening interview. Given small counts for some racial/ethnic groups, we combined groups as follows: African Americans include Black Hispanics; Other Asian/Pacific Islanders include Asian Hispanics; Other includes mixed race, Native Americans, and unspecified race/ethnicity.

  • fP value for each racial/ethnic group compared with non-Hispanic whites.

  • gAge at questionnaire completion.