Table 2.

Predictors of sensitivity and specificity of female first-degree family history of breast cancer reported by female probandsa compared with female relatives' reports of personal cancer historyb, Northern California Breast Cancer Family Registry

Positive relative reportcNegative relative reportc
Positive proband reportNegative proband reportPositive proband reportNegative proband reportSensitivity % (95% CI)dP valueeSpecificity % (95% CI)d
Breast cancerf2792162,83093.0 (89.5–95.4)99.8 (99.5–99.9)
Proband's race/ethnicityg
 Non-Hispanic white985261095.1 (88.9–98.0)99.7 (98.7–99.9)
 Hispanic white701031,00187.3 (78.0–93.1)0.0799.7 (99.1–99.9)
 African American624173693.7 (84.4–97.6)0.70h99.9 (99.0–100)
 Asian American482045595.4 (83.7–98.8)0.87100
  Chinese141016193.3 (64.8–99.1)0.76100
  Other Asian/Pacific Islander8104876.1 (33.9–95.2)0.30100
Proband's age (years)i
 <5089621,32393.7 (86.6–97.1)0.7399.8 (99.4–100)
 ≥501901541,50792.6 (88.2–95.5)99.7 (99.3–99.9)
Proband's educationj
 High school graduate or less646392691.3 (81.9–96.1)0.6099.7 (99.0–99.9)
 Some college or more2151531,89893.3 (89.2–95.9)99.8 (99.5–99.9)
 Non-Hispanic white
  High school graduate or less2001116100n/a99.1k
  Some college or more785149294.0 (86.3–97.5)99.8 (98.6–100)
 Hispanic white
  High school graduate or less304154087.9 (71.7–95.4)0.9399.8 (98.7–100)
  Some college or more406245887.0 (73.9–94.0)99.6 (98.3–99.9)
 African American
  High school graduate or less101121490.8 (55.3–98.7)0.8299.5 (96.7–99.9)
  Some college or more523052193.4 (81.3–97.9)100
  High school graduate or less01034n/a100
  Some college or more1400127100100
Proband's place of birthj
 U.S.-born2241562,01893.7 (89.9–96.2)0.3299.7 (99.3–99.9)
 Foreign-born556081290.1 (79.8–95.4)100
 Hispanic white
  U.S.-born456353488.0 (75.8–94.5)0.8099.4 (98.3–99.8)
  Foreign-born254046786.1 (68.2–94.7)100
  Foreign-born8109888.9 (50.0–98.5)100
Proband's English language proficiencyj
 Spoken well2621862,40593.5 (90.0–95.9)0.1299.8 (99.4–99.9)
 Not spoken well153039983.3 (59.1–94.5)100
 Hispanic whites
  Spoken well598367887.9 (77.5–93.8)0.7699.6 (98.6–99.9)
  Not spoken well112931884.6 (54.9–96.1)100
  Spoken well1300108100n/a100
  Not spoken well1104550.0 (5.9–94.1)100
  • aProbands could report multiple cancers for each relative in the family history questionnaire.

  • bRelatives could report multiple cancers in the personal cancer history section of the risk factor questionnaire.

  • cFull and half-sisters and mothers.

  • dCalculated using GEE to account for multiple members in one family.

  • eTwo-sided P value from Wald test using empirical standard error.

  • fRelatives with breast cancer only or with multiple primary cancers, including breast cancer.

  • gRace/ethnicity is self-reported based on the probands' screening interview. Given small counts for some racial/ethnic groups, we combined groups as follows: African Americans include Black Hispanics; Other Asian/Pacific Islanders include Asian Hispanics; Other includes mixed race, Native Americans, and unspecified race/ethnicity.

  • hP value for each racial/ethnic group compared with non-Hispanic whites.

  • iAge at questionnaire completion.

  • jNumbers do not add up due to missing data on proband's education level, place of birth, and English language proficiency.

  • kModel did not converge to estimated 95% CI.