Table 2.

Relative duration (percent of time) and average annual dose (DDD/year) of statin use prior to the index date, excluding the year before the index date, for CLL cases and their matched controls according to statin subgroup

Average annual dose (DDD/year)
 High-potency lipophilic182.5243.3365.0182.5251.8365.0
 Low-potency lipophilic162.2162.2233.4162.2165.1243.3
Relative duration (%)
 High-potency lipophilic6.020.342.16.020.641.3
 Low-potency lipophilic7.123.453.05.923.163.7
  • Abbreviations: DDD, defined daily dose; Q1, first quartile; Q3, third quartile.