Table 3.

SMRs (95% CI) and age-adjusted rates (per 100,000) by ICD-10 Chapter II Subcategories, Males only, 1976–2012

Chapter II subcategorySMR (95% CI)Age-Adjusted Rate/100,000SMR (95% CI)Age-Adjusted Rate/100,000
All neoplasms0.77 (0.73–0.82)a27.880.78 (0.68, 0.88)a32.75
Lip, oral cavity, and pharynx (C00–C14)0.42 (0.30–0.57)a0.90XX
Digestive organs (C15–C26)0.79 (0.71–0.89)a6.990.92 (0.66–1.26)5.73
Respiratory and intrathoracic organs (C30–C39)0.80 (0.71–0.89)a7.060.86 (0.62–1.15)6.16
Bone and articular cartilage (C40–C41)0.12 (0.06–0.22)a0.28XX
Skin (C43–C44)0.90 (0.71–1.14)1.640.66 (0.24–1.43)0.86
Mesothelial and soft tissue (C45–C49)0.34 (0.20–0.54)a0.420.84 (0.27–1.96)0.72
Breast (C50)0 (0.0)00.69 (0.53–0.89)a8.89
Female genital organs (C51–C58)N/AN/A0.86 (0.59–1.22)4.44
Male genital organs (C60–C63)1.39 (0.99–1.87)0.93N/AN/A
Urinary tract (C64–C68)1.16 (0.88–1.50)1.321.27 (0.41–2.97)0.72
Eye, brain and other parts of central nervous system (C69–C72)1.39 (1.14–1.64)a2.750.82 (0.35–1.62)1.15
Thyroid and other endocrine glands (C73–C75)0.94 (0.34–2.04)0.14XX
Malignant neoplasms of ill-defined, secondary and unspecified sites (C76–C80)1.01 (0.75–1.30)1.250.65 (0.24–1.42)0.86
Malignant neoplasms, stated or presumed to be primary, of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue (C81–C96)1.24 (1.06–1.42)a4.090.89 (0.50–1.46)2.15
Malignant neoplasms of independent (primary) multiple sites (C97)1.15 (0.37–2.69)0.12XX
In situ neoplasms (D00–D09)0 (0.0)00 (0.0)0
Benign neoplasms (D10–D36)1.38 (0.45–3.21)0.120 (0.0)0
Neoplasms of an uncertain or unknown behavior (D37–D48)1.64 (0.97–2.59)0.42XX
  • NOTE: X SMR suppressed as based on n < 5.

  • aStatistically significant.