Table 2A.

Spearman correlations with the CTX-S score

All colorectal cancer tumors/cell lines (regardless of RAS status)
Spearman Corr. with CTX-S scoreGene expression/signature scoresMoffitt colorectal cancers (n = 458)aTCGA colorectal cancers (n = 624)Marisa et al. (2013) colorectal cancers (n = 566)Khambata-Ford et al. (2007) colorectal cancers (n = 80)Medico et al. (2015) colorectal cancer cell lines (n = 147)
18-gene RAS pathway score−0.361<0.0001−0.209<0.0001−0.491<0.00010.1230.277−0.1060.201
64-gene Wnt pathway score0.0690.1400.0230.5730.0360.6550.2760.0130.3110.0001
24-gene Wnt pathway score0.553<0.00010.457<0.00010.558<0.00010.666<0.00010.488<0.0001
  • NOTE: The remaining P values are significant after adjustments for multicomparisons by the Holm-Bonferroni method and are highlighted in bold.

  • aOf Moffitt 468 colorectal cancers, 10 samples lacking appropriate gene probe values for some signature scores were excluded from correlation analysis.