Table 1.

Baseline sociodemographic variables of patients with OSCC (n = 97)

Age, y
 Mean ± SD59.5 ± 11.0
Sex [n (%)]
 Male82 (84.5)
 Female15 (15.5)
Site of primary tumor [n (%)]a
 Lip4 (4.35)
 Tongue22 (23.9)
 Buccal mucosa27 (29.3)
 Gingiva23 (25.0)
 Hard palate6 (6.52)
 Retromolar trigone4 (4.35)
 Oropharynx5 (5.43)
 Hypopharynx1 (1.09)
Clinical stage [n (%)]a
 Stage I18 (19.1)
 Stage II16 (17.0)
 Stage III6 (6.38)
 Stage IV54 (57.4)
Cigarette smoker [n (%)]b75 (77.3)
Alcohol drinker [n (%)]b40 (41.2)
Betel quid chewer [n (%)]b74 (76.3)
  • aDiagnosis case number for site of primary tumor is 92, and the case number of clinical staging is 94.

  • bStudy participants were asked if they had ever smoked cigarettes, chewed BQ, and had alcohol on a regular basis (at least once a week). Those who responded “yes” to these questions were classified as tobacco, BQ, and alcohol users.