Table 2.

HRs and 95% CIs for the risk of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer in relation to plasma-equivalent concentrations of 25(OH)D

Quintiles of 25(OH)D
12345Per 25 nmol/LP trend
 Range 25(OH)D (nmol/L)a16.5–33.033.0–39.939.9–46.646.7–55.855.9–117.3
 Median 25(OH)D (nmol/L)a29.036.542.950.863.0
 Range 25(OH)D (nmol/L)a15.1–40.140.4–50.550.5–59.559.6–72.972.9–181.1
 Median 25(OH)D (nmol/L)a32.345.454.865.783.7
Colorectal cancerb
n cases/total118/700117/699113/702104/69295/677547/3,470
 HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)0.96 (0.71–1.29)0.91 (0.67–1.24)0.82 (0.60–1.13)0.71 (0.51–0.98)0.91 (0.78–1.07)0.24
  n cases/total67/32859/32158/32151/31340/301275/1,584
  HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)0.82 (0.54–1.24)0.78 (0.51–1.18)0.73 (0.47–1.13)0.52 (0.33–0.82)0.75 (0.56–1.02)0.07
  n cases/total51/37258/37855/38153/37955/376272/1,886
  HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)1.13 (0.74–1.74)1.09 (0.70–1.69)0.95 (0.61–1.48)0.96 (0.61–1.52)0.98 (0.83–1.17)0.86
Breast cancerb
n cases/total109/372129/394135/399140/405121/385634/1,955
 HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)1.12 (0.81–1.56)1.14 (0.83–1.57)1.20 (0.87–1.65)0.98 (0.70–1.36)0.95 (0.79–1.15)0.61
Prostate cancerb
n cases/total142/473147/475160/489189/521186/514824/2,472
 HR (95% CI)1.00 (reference)0.94 (0.70–1.27)1.10 (0.82–1.47)1.17 (0.87–1.56)1.11 (0.82–1.48)1.07 (0.96–1.19)0.21
  • aBatch- and season-adjusted plasma-equivalent 25(OH)D.

  • bAll results are from Cox regression models with age as the timescale and stratified by sex and country of birth and further adjusted for potential confounding factors: educational attainment, socioeconomic status, physical activity, smoking status, alcohol consumption, and waist circumference. Colorectal cancer analyses further adjusted for margarine intake, and intake of processed meat. Breast cancer analyses further adjusted for parity, use of oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, age at baseline, and an interaction between age at baseline and waist circumference.