Table 1.

Current cigarette smoking, adults 18 years and older, NHIS 2017

Weight %Weight %Weight %
Age category
Educational attainment (≥25 years)
 Some college18.016.517.2
 College graduate7.05.05.9
Health insurance
 Medicare + Medicaid13.910.111.5
Usual source of care
Visited a physician in the past year
 Poor <100% FPL26.822.624.2
 Near poor 100%–199% FPL25.116.420.3
 Non-poor ≥200% FPL13.19.411.3
Immigration status
 Born in the USAa17.214.415.8
 In the USA, fewer than 10 years12.7b7.1
 In the USA, 10+ years11.54.27.8
  • NOTE: Estimates are age adjusted to 2000 standard U.S. population. Estimates for white, black, AI/AN, Asian, and other are among non-Hispanics. Estimate for Asian does not include Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders.

  • Abbreviation: FPL, federal poverty level.

  • aIncludes 50 states and the District of Columbia.

  • bEstimate not provided due to instability.

  • Source: National Health Interview Survey, 2017.