Table 2.

PLZF expression and ORs for lethal prostate cancer (with 95% CIs) in patients from the HPFS and the PHS

Quartile of PLZF1st (lowest)2nd3rd4th (highest)
ModelOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIPtrenda
DC in PTEN subsetd3.391.06–10.91.620.55–4.731.390.46–4.231.00(ref.)0.041
  • aTrend for linear trend across quartiles.

  • bDemographics and clinical factors: age, calendar year, and Gleason score.

  • cHieronymus and colleagues (2006) AR signature (16).

  • dPTEN status was available only in a subset of 253 patients. Models D and E are both estimated in this subset of patients. Model D includes the same predictors as model C. Model E additionally adjusts for PTEN status. To gauge the change in estimates due to adjusting for PTEN status, compare results from model E with results from model D.