Table 1.

Characteristics of ovarian cancer patients included in the SEER POCs, 2002 and 2011

Non-Hispanic blackNon-Hispanic white
Wt NWt Col%Wt NWt Col%P value
Age group
Year of diagnoses
Marital status
 Not married25566.1152542.2
Type of insurance
 Any Medicaid9725.22687.4
 Medicare only5514.338910.8
Charlson comorbidity score
GO consultation
 Consulted GO23962.0210158.1ns
 Did not consult GO14638.0151449.1
Type of hospital
 Large teaching18848.8144640.00.005
 Large community195.03158.7
 Medium teaching6918.051514.3
 Medium community5313.869419.2
 Small/very small5514.464417.8
  • Abbreviations: ns, not significant; wt, weighted, all numbers and percents are unadjusted.

  • aStage, AJCC 3rd edition used in 2002; 6th edition used in 2011.