Table 3.

Use of adjuvant chemotherapy by race and consultation with GO (SEER POCs, 2002 and 2011)

Had a GO consultationDid not have a GO consultation
NH blackNH whiteNH blackNH white
Wt NCol Wt%Wt NCol Wt%P valueWt NCol Wt%Wt NCol Wt%P value
Chemotherapy agent
 Guideline (platinum and taxane)17673.7161877ns5839.9939620.002
 Other chemotherapy135.71296.1138.91167.7
 No chemotherapy4920.735416.87551.245930.3
Type of administration
 Intraperitoneal chemotherapya1217.68010.4nsbb
 Neoadjuvant chemotherapyc3825.120017.30.047b4814.3
  • Abbreviation: ns, not significant.

  • aIncludes only stage III cancer patients who underwent debulking.

  • bData suppressed due to small number.

  • cCollected in 2011 only.