Table 3B.

ORs from logistic regression on cancer screening and health promotion/risk behaviors

Black vs. white<$20,000 vs. $50,000+$20–$49,000 vs. $50,000+High school vs. <HSSome college vs. <HSCollege grad vs. <HS
Cancer screening
 Stool test in past year1.480.691.330.730.170.55
 Sigmoidoscopy in past 5 years1.431.790.06a5.481.981.41
 Colonoscopy in past 10 years0.630.480.650.491.341.68
 Adherent to any CRC screening0.720.450.530.460.921.16
 Lung scan in past year2.840.05b0.07a0.250.02a0.04b
 Mammogram in past 2 years1.091.540.751.243.651.98
 Pap test in past 3 years (or past 5 years with HPV test)6.69a0.760.850.371.724.29
Health promotion/risk behaviors
 Physical activity (Ref = 0 days per week)
  1–3 days per week1.520.28b0.39b0.700.450.82
  3–7 days per week1.250.760.530.500.780.96
 Tobacco use (Ref = Not at all)
  Some days2.454.351.130.450.430.16
  Every day1.053.10b0.740.930.390.22b
  • NOTE: ORs are from logistic regression models with race, sex, age group, location, income, and education, including survey weights. Results for sex and location not shown. Eligibility for stool test, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and any CRCS includes ages 50–75. Lung scan is for ages 55 to 80 with more than 30 pack-years. Mammogram is ages 50–75, and Pap test is ages 21–65 without a hysterectomy.

  • Abbreviations: CRC, colorectal cancer; HS, high school.

  • aP < 0.05.

  • bP < 0.01.