Table 2B.

ORs from logistic regression on cancer-related knowledge and beliefs

Black vs. White<$20,000 vs. $50,000+$20–$49,999 vs. $50,000+High school vs. <HSSome college vs. <HSCollege grad vs. <HS
 Start mammograms at age 40 or 500.780.680.560.941.211.01
 Start CRC screening at age 500.620.670.400.711.061.30
 Smokers start lung screening at age 551.090.390.16NANANA
Cancer beliefs
 Everything causes cancer0.690.931.061.481.491.13
 So many recommendations, hard to know what to do1.331.111.260.790.820.80
 Think about cancer, think about death1.111.750.900.670.750.95
 Not much you can do to lower chances of cancer0.622.37a2.00a0.720.730.57
 Rather not know my chances of getting cancer0.631.681.92a0.720.620.52
 Cancer worry (% moderately/extremely worried)0.41a2.320.961.392.762.36
Comparative cancer risk
 (Ref = unlikely/very unlikely)
 Neither likely nor unlikely0.38a1.785.47b3.29a2.957.48c
 Likely/very likely0.26c1.803.16a2.634.30a5.83c
  • NOTE: ORs are from logistic regression models with race, age group, sex, location, income, and education, including survey weights. Results for sex and location not shown. Stable estimates for ORs are unavailable for education on lung screening knowledge due to small cell counts, where only one person with less than a high school degree had a correct response for lung scan age.

  • Abbreviations: CRC, colorectal cancer; HS, high school; NA, not available.

  • aP < 0.05.

  • bP < 0.001.

  • cP < 0.01.