Table 2.

Propensity models used in the University of Kentucky nonprobability samples

Bivariate analysis χ2 test resultsLogistic regression propensity model results
Predictorsχ2PWald χ2P
 18–34, 35–54, 55+.41.73<0.00015.440.0659
 Male, female14.150.000242.21<0.0001
 High school or less, Some college, College graduate12.220.00224.700.0955
Health insurance plana
 Yes, No3.400.0651
 Own, Rent, Occupied without paying monetary rent2.780.2488
Household income
 Less than 50,000, 50,000+.3.910.04800.650.4195
Confident can get cancer infob
 Completely confident, Very confident, Somewhat confident, A little confident, Not confident at all20.880.000313.100.0108
Smoke 100 cigarettes in lifetimeb
 Yes, No1.190.2749
Cost barrier to carea
 Yes, No, No need to see a doctor in the past 12 months1.940.3787
Rather not know chance of cancerb
 Strongly agree, Somewhat agree, Somewhat disagree, Strongly disagree2.930.4027
Rurality strata
 Slightly rural, Rural, Completely rural69.39<0.000111.920.0026