Table 3.

Propensity models used in the Duke nonprobability samples

Bivariate analysis χ2 test resultsLogistic regression propensity model results
Predictorsχ2PWald χ2P
 18–34, 35–54, 55+156.2628<0.000128.0854<0.0001
 Male, female58.8048<0.000140.3171<0.0001
 High school or less, Some college, College graduate22.9597<0.000112.15820.0023
Health insurance plana
 Yes, No6.84740.0089
Household income
 Less than 50,000, 50,000+.85.2096<0.000153.6291<0.0001
Confident can get cancer infob
 More confident, less confident36.1589<0.000126.4981<0.0001
Cost barrier to carea
 Yes, No64.9169<0.00017.99160.0047
 Yes, No, No need to see a doctor in the past 12 months
Ever look at cancer infob
 Yes, No13.07080.00037.22730.0072
Race and ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic white, Non-Hispanic black, Hispanic, Other/Multiple races1.84490.6052