Table 2.

Effect of folic acid and vitamin B12 on overall cancer, and on colorectal cancer incidence

Type of cancer (cases treatment vs. control group)Cases/100 PY treatment versus control groupHR (95%CI)aPHR (95% CI)bP
Any cancers (171 vs. 143)2.3 vs. 1.91.23 (0.98–1.53)0.071.25 (1.00–1.57)0.05
Colorectal cancer (43 vs. 25)0.6 vs. 0.31.76 (1.07–2.88)c0.031.77 (1.08–2.90)c0.02
  • NOTE: Cox proportional hazard analysis of risk of cancers (ITT) in total group

  • Abbreviation: PY, person years.

  • aCrude model.

  • bAdjusted for HoloTC (significant difference between intervention and control group).

  • cP < 0.05.