Table 1.

Criteria for determination of receipt of non–guideline-concordant care

SubsetInclusion criteriaGuideline treatmentDefinition of non–guideline-concordant treatment
1Embedded Image Stage I–IIIEmbedded Image Lumpectomy with full course of radiotherapyEmbedded Image No surgery
Embedded Image Tumor size ≤ 5 cmEmbedded Image Lumpectomy without radiotherapy
Embedded Image Not having a diagnosis of Paget disease or inflammatory carcinomaEmbedded Image Lumpectomy with early discontinuation of radiotherapy
Embedded Image Confirmed pathologyEmbedded Image Mastectomy, with or without radiotherapy
Embedded Image Known lymph node involvement
Embedded Image Tumor not bilateral
Embedded Image No diagnosis of a second primary breast tumor within 60 days
2Embedded Image Stage I–IIIEmbedded Image ChemotherapyEmbedded Image No chemotherapy
Embedded Image Age < 70
Embedded Image ER and PR
Embedded Image Tumor size ≥ 1 cm
Embedded Image Confirmed pathology