Table 2.

Demographic characteristics

TF (n = 308)SL (n = 392)Controls (n = 354)
 Mean (SD), years64.1 (6.9)64.9 (7.0)63.8 (6.8)
Time between sigmoidoscopy and 1-year follow-up LSQ
 Mean (SD), days345.6 (29.4)341.4 (25.6)346.6 (33.9)
Sex (%)
Center (%)
Working status (%)a
 Not working484949
Marital status (%)a
 Nonmarried/non-cohabiting (or single)192018
Education length (%)a
 Primary school181216
 High school393943
 University/≥2 years at college414637
Ethnicity (%)a
 Not Norwegian573
  • NOTE: A randomized trial of tailored lifestyle feedback in a sub study of the sigmoidoscopy arm of the bowel cancer screening in Norway: a pilot study. N = 1,054 (intention-to-treat analyses), who answered the lifestyle questionnaire at prescreening before sigmoidoscopy and without neoplasia.

  • aThe percent might not add up to 100% due to missing data.