Table 2.

Patient factors associated with treatment related financial hardship

Final multivariable model
VariableORa (95% CIb)
County of residence
 Rural1.86 (1.06–3.28)
 Urban1.00 (reference)
Age at diagnosis, years0.91 (0.88–0.95)
Health literacy
 Low5.41 (1.45–20.1)
 Medium1.27 (0.71–2.26)
 High1.00 (reference)
 Non-Hispanic white1.00 (reference)
 English-speaking Hispanic0.83 (0.42–1.64)
 Spanish-speaking Hispanic3.09 (1.39–6.87)
 Other0.31 (0.05–1.91)
Marital Status
 Married1.00 (reference)
 Divorced, separated, single1.94 (1.06–3.54)
 Widowed1.01 (0.33–3.02)
  • NOTE: Bold terms are those that were found to be significant at the P < 0.05 level.

  • aOdds ratio adjusted for all variables in the table.

  • bConfidence interval.