Table 4.

Relationship between treatment-related financial hardship and nonadherence to surveillance colonoscopy recommendations

Final multivariable model
ORa 95% CIb
Treatment-related financial hardship2.17 (1.01–4.67)
County of residence
 Rural2.28 (1.07–4.85)
Highest level of education
 ≤High school graduate or GED3.67 (1.30–10.3)
 Some college, vocational/technical/associates degree2.93 (1.04–8.22)
 ≥College degree
Stage at diagnosis
 Regional0.48 (0.22–1.05)
  • NOTE: Bold terms are those that were found to be significant at the P < 0.05 level.

  • aOdds ratio adjusted for time since diagnosis and primary treatment regimen in addition to all variables in the table.

  • bConfidence interval.