Table 1.

Characteristics of participants of the HPFS by aspirin use at baseline, standardized to the age distribution of the study population

Baseline characteristics, 1986Nonusers of aspirinCurrent users of aspirin
Frequency of aspirin use, mean (SD; d/mo)0.08.6 (0.0)a
Age, mean (SD; y)b53.7 (9.7)56.5 (9.7)
BMI, mean (SD; kg/m2)25.5 (3.3)25.7 (3.5)
Family history of prostate cancer12.0%11.8%
Smoking status
 Never smoker45.7%41.8%
 Past smoker39.6%47.3%
 Current smoker9.3%10.4%
Total physical activity, mean (SD; METS-h/wk)18.8 (26.5)18.6 (26.1)
Diabetes diagnosis3.0%3.6%
Cumulative incidence, by 2009
 Prostate cancer diagnosis12.5%12.7%
 Prostate cancer death1.3%1.1%
 Overall mortality27.7%30.8%
  • Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index; METS, metabolic equivalent tasks.

  • aThis increased to 26.3 days/month (mean; SD, 4.6) among current aspirin users in 2010.

  • bNot adjusted for age.