Table 1.

Patient characteristics

VariablePatients without cancer, n = 64Patients with cancer, n = 38PValidation group, n = 35
Female gender80%76%0.68781%
Mean age, median (IQR)43 (32–59)47 (37–57)0.71547 (32–57)
Thyroid function
Preoperative TSH, median (IQR)0.62 (0.30–1.23)1.71 (1.24–2.66)<0.0011.75 (1.17–2.82)
Multinodular goiter56.9%26.3%0.00521.9%
Hashimoto thyroiditis12.3%39.5%0.00325.0%
Graves disease18.5%0%0.0120%
Family history of thyroid cancer1.7%5.6%0.6500%
Radiation history1.7%2.8%10%
  • NOTE: P values were calculated with χ2 tests for proportions and Mann–Whitney tests for continuous variables (age and TSH). IQR, 1st–3rd quartile range.