Table 3.

Previously published EOC risk loci not confirmed by OncoArray meta-analysis at P < 5 × 10−8 (ref. 23)a,b

LocusLead SNPPhenotypeEffect alleleEAFOR (95% CI)cPRef.
1p36.12rs56318008All invasive EOCT0.151.08 (1.04–1.12)8.4E−0525
4q26rs17329882All invasive EOCC0.241.08 (1.04–1.11)2.5E−0625
4q32.3rs4691139BRCA1 mutation+G0.471.16 (1.09–1.23)4.3E−0741
6p22.1rs6456822All invasive EOCT0.691.07 (1.04–1.10)1.2E−0625
17q11.2rs143663961All invasive EOCA0.731.08 (1.05–1.11)1.3E−0725
  • Abbreviations: EAF, effect allele frequency; ref., reference; S. borderline, serous borderline.

  • aIn European ancestry populations.

  • bAll risk loci listed had BFDP >10%.

  • cAll ORs, CIs, and P values from the OncoArray meta-analysis (ref. 23).