Table 1.

Model-based SAE summary statistics (%) for being current with colorectal cancer screening overall, by county, and by race/ethnicity and comparison with the mean (%) and 95% CI for BRFSS select race/ethnicity groups

TestNo. of countiesMean (95% CI)MinLower quartileMedianUpper quartileMaxInterquartile rangeOverall rangeBRFSS mean (95% CI)
Any colorectal cancer test type
 U.S.67.28 (66.83–67.71)66.24 (65.83–66.65)
NH white
 U.S.69.16 (68.77–69.55)68.33 (67.92–68.73)
NH black
 U.S.67.69 (67.17–68.17)67.79 (66.42–69.12)
 U.S.57.81 (57.19–58.41)
NH Asian
 U.S.61.99 (60.88–63.00)
NH otherb
 U.S.63.12 (62.44–63.76)
 U.S.56.81 (55.82–57.71)50.82 (48.79–52.85)
 U.S.63.69 (63.20–64.16)62.48 (62.06–62.90)
 U.S.9.67 (9.43–9.90)9.86 (9.59–10.14)
  • NOTE: SAE, small area estimates.

  • Any colorectal cancer test type = home FOBT within the past year; sigmoidoscopy within 5 years with FOBT within 3 years; or colonoscopy within 10 years. We used a modified Monte Carlo simulation method for estimating the model-based predicted standard errors.

  • aAIAN = American Indian/Alaska Native.

  • bNH other = Pacific Islander (PI), other one race, and 2 or more races.

  • An additional analysis comparing mean estimates of counties with ≥500 respondents shows that the mean abs difference between the model-based estimates and the BRFSS direct estimates for being current with any colorectal cancer test type is 2.3, SE = 0.127 and interquartile range = 2.43.