Table 1.

Demographic characteristics, measured exposures and biomarkers, and collected biospecimens at visits 1–5 of black and white participants without prevalent cancer at baseline, ARIC Study, 1987–2013a

Visit 1Visit 2Visit 3Visit 4Visit 5
Female, %54.554.654.955.058.0
Black, %27.925.724.023.524.2
Mean age, years (range)54 (44–66)57 (46–70)60 (49–73)63 (52–75)76 (66–90)
Education, %
 Less than high school24.222.220.719.715.3
 High school/equivalent40.641.341.641.941.5
 College or above35.236.537.738.443.2
Medical historyXXXXX
Dietary intakeXX
Medication surveyXXXXX
Physical activityXX
Physical abilityX
Reproductive historyXXXX
Cognitive functionXXX
Biomarkers (fasted)
 Glycated hemoglobinXX
 Blood clotting factorsX
 Total cholesterolXXXXX
 HDL cholesterolXXXXX
 LDL cholesterolXXXXX
 HS C-reactive proteinX
 Cystatin CX
 Vitamin DX
 Serum, plasmaXXXXX
 Whole bloodXX
 Buffy coatXXXXX
 Extracted DNAXX
  • aOf the 15,641 ARIC participants considered eligible for the ARIC Cancer cohort because they consented to cancer research and were linkable to registry data, we excluded 906 participants with a prevalent cancer at baseline and 47 participants who reported a race/ethnicity other than black or white from this table.