Table 2.

State (n = 51) summary statistics (%) for being current with colorectal cancer screening by screening type and race/ethnicity—model-based SAE versus 2014 BRFSS

TestρaMeanMinLower quartileMedianUpper quartileMaxInterquartile range
Any colorectal cancer test type
NH white
NH black
NH Asian
NH othere
  • NOTE: NH, non-Hispanic.

  • Any colorectal cancer test type = home FOBT within the past year; sigmoidoscopy within 5 years with FOBT within 3 years; or colonoscopy within 10 years; SAE, small area estimates; BRFSS, behavioral risk factor surveillance system.

  • ρa = The Spearman correlation coefficients. The correlation coefficient test was performed for the overall national estimates only. Because the BRFSS is a state-based survey and did not include data for all counties, the race groups were not assessed with correlation coefficients. The similarity between the SAE and BRFSS distributions was assessed by comparing the means and the medians.

  • The mean abs difference between the model-based state-estimates and the BRFSS direct state-estimates for each colorectal cancer screening type is as follows: (i) Any colorectal cancer test type: mean = 1.36%, SE = 0.14; (ii) colonoscopy: mean = 1.5%, SE = 0.161; and (iii) FOBT: Mean = 0.608%, SE = 0.088.

  • bWe excluded one state with a minimum estimate = 0.0.

  • cAIAN = American Indian/Alaska Native.

  • dWe excluded one state with a maximum estimate = 100.0.

  • eNH other = Pacific Islander (PI), other one race, and 2 or more races.