Table 1.

Characteristics of DCIS cases according to collagen alignment and syndecan-1 staining around DCIS lesions, WISC study

Collagen alignment (n = 227)Syndecan-1 staining (n = 125)
CharacteristicsaTotal no.TACS (%)PbTotal no.Average staining signalPc
Tumor grade
Comedo necrosis
Method of detection
ER status
PR status
HER2 status
 BCS with radiation9843.9550.0142
Endocrine therapy
  • Abbreviations: BCS, breast conserving surgery; TACS, tumor-associated collagen signature.

  • aAt baseline. Missing data were imputed for grade (n = 141), multifocality (n = 20), method of detection (n = 1), ER status (n = 1), PR status (n = 3), HER2 status (n = 5), surgical treatment (n = 66), and endocrine therapy (n = 60). Zero cases were missing data for age or comedo necrosis.

  • bFrom χ2 tests of the association between patient characteristics and TACS present in at least one DCIS duct.

  • cFrom two-sided t tests using ANOVA.