Table 3.

Pathway tests for secondary outcomes (P values) in the Swedish Watchful Waiting Cohorta

Secondary outcomesNo. of patientsAdrenergic pathway (95 genes)Serotoninergic pathway (48 genes)Glucocorticoid pathway (49 genes)Dopaminergic pathway (31 genes)
Cell proliferation (Ki-67)2170.0001<0.00010.0900.001
Apoptosis (TUNEL)2500.1610.0160.2220.047
TMPRSS2ERG fusion1780.0050.0010.0120.043
Gleason 8–102360.1820.1520.00010.138
Tumor stage T1b2620.2240.4430.2110.846
Perineural invasion2570.1070.5390.1440.231
  • aAll models were adjusted for age at diagnosis in linear regression (for continuous outcomes, i.e. cell proliferation and apoptosis), or logistic regression (for dichotomous outcomes).