Table 2.

Pathway tests for lethal prostate cancer (P values) in the Swedish Watchful Waiting Cohorta

No. of patientsAdrenergic pathwaySerotoninergic pathwayGlucocorticoid pathwayDopaminergic pathway
All genes in pathways
 No. of genes95484931
 Primary model2620.0140.0070.0200.092
 Adjusting for stage2620.0130.0080.0290.063
 Adjusting for stage and Gleason score2360.0930.2110.3460.161
Stratified by stage
 Among stage T1a790.1190.0470.4450.958
 Among stage T1b1830.1120.0890.0670.059
Stratified by Gleason score
 Among Gleason 4–6890.7970.5280.6230.791
 Among Gleason 7950.4620.7950.1510.335
 Among Gleason 8–10520.5850.9940.8800.673
Exclusive genes in pathways
 No. of genes5618348
 Primary model2620.0170.0260.0060.203
  • aAll primary models were adjusted for age at diagnosis, whereas the secondary models were additionally adjusted for stage and Gleason score when indicated.