Table 4.

Associations of rs2296972 (HTR2A), rs33388 (NR3C1), and rs6277 (DRD2) with lethal prostate cancer and secondary outcomes (P values) in the Swedish Watchful Waiting Cohorta

Lethal outcome
 Additive model0.4900.7610.198
 Recessive model0.0750.0990.014
 Dominant model0.0430.3610.802
Overdominant model0.0020.0350.022
OR (95% CI)0.49 (0.31–0.76)1.59 (1.03–2.44)1.66 (1.08–2.55)
Secondary outcomesb
 Cell proliferation (Ki-67)0.8170.1900.528
 Apoptosis (TUNEL)0.9300.4130.388
TMPRSS2ERG fusion0.2110.2560.933
 Gleason 8–100.4210.9180.403
 Tumor stage T1b0.9860.6540.027
 Perineural invasion0.4770.4930.267
  • aOnly three SNPs associated with lethal prostate cancer were further assessed in associations with secondary outcomes.

  • bBecause the overdominant model had the best fitting in analyses of the SNPs and lethal prostate cancer, the analyses of secondary outcomes were therefore all based on the overdominant model.