Table 4.

Changes in blood pressure category over time among participants with multiple SJLIFE visits

Highest blood pressure category at subsequent SJLIFE visits
Blood pressure category at first SJLIFE visitParticipants with multiple SJLIFE visitsNormalPrehypertensionHypertensionTime interval between visits (years)
nn (%)n (%)n (%)Mean (range)
Normal488349 (71.5)117 (24.0)22 (4.5)3.51 (0.57–7.02)
Prehypertension397135 (34.0)178 (44.8)84 (21.2)3.63 (0.99–7.09)
Hypertensiona30057 (19.0)138 (46.0)105 (35.0)3.80 (1.03–6.63)
  • aFor those with hypertension at the first SJLIFE visit, highest blood pressure category at a subsequent SJLIFE visit was determined only by measured blood pressure at subsequent visits, regardless of medication use.