Table 1.

Selected age-standardized characteristicsa of men in the CPS-II Nutrition Cohort by quintile of waist circumference

Characteristicsn = 8,982n = 8,507n = 9,954n = 8,225n = 10,426
Age (y)c68.368.568.568.568.1
Smoking status
BMI (kg/m2)
History of diabetes (yes)
History PSA screening (yes)74.075.575.274.570.5
Total calorie intake (kcal/d)c1,731.91,757.21,790.31,826.51,897.3
  • aStandardized to the age distribution of the men in the cohort. Values are presented as percentages unless otherwise noted.

  • bQuintile cutoff points are: Q1, 58.4–<90.8 cm; Q2, 90.8–<95.3 cm; Q3, 95.3–<100.3 cm; Q4, 100.3–<106.7 cm; and Q5, >=106.7 cm.

  • cValues are presented as means.