Table 2.

Tobacco product use behaviors by tobacco product use pattern category among tobacco users, NHANES 1999–2012

Mean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CI
Number of days a product used in past 5 days
 Snuff4.34.0–4.52.5b0 5.23.2b2.3–4.12.1b0.2–3.9
Number of times product used on the day a product was use in past 5 days
  • NOTE: Unadjusted mean and confidence intervals (CI) are presented. Estimates are adjusted for age, gender, race/ethnicity, and education. Tobacco product use in dual- and poly-tobacco use T-PUPs was compared with corresponding single-product category T-PUPs (e.g., CIG&NC, CIG&NCC, and POLY were compared with CIG).

  • Abbreviations: CIG, cigarettes only; CIG&NC, dual cigarettes and noncombustibles; CIG&NCC, dual cigarettes and noncigarette combustibles; NC, noncombustibles only; NCC, noncigarette combustibles only; NCC&NC, dual noncigarette combustibles and noncombustible; POLY, poly-tobacco.

  • aP < 0.05.

  • bP < 0.01.