Table 1.

Risk factors for colorectal cancer used in the Prevent model

Prevalence in the population (%)Relative risks
Risk factorExposureMenWomenMenWomenReference
SmokingDaily smokers14131.191.28Botteri et al. 2008 (16)
Low physical activityPhysical activity less than 30 minutes 5 days a week71661.271.27Je et al. 2013 (17)
Excess body weightBody mass index ≥25 kg/m253361.301.06Moghaddam et al. 2007 (18)
High alcohol intakeAlcohol intake >24 g/day for men and >12 g/day for women21201.231.23Moskal et al. 2006 (19)
High red/processed meat intakeRed/processed meat intake ≥500 g/week55331.221.22Chan et al. 2011 (20)
Low fiber intakeFiber intake < 3 g/MJ77621.141.14Aune et al. 2011 (21)
  • NOTE: Exposure groups not following recommended national guidelines, proportions of exposed in the Norwegian population, assumed relative risks for developing colorectal cancer, and reference to meta-analysis.