Table. 2.

Breast cancer–specific survival analysis according to blood TL in BRCA2 mutation carriers and noncarriers

HR (95% CI)PnHR (95% CI)Pn
BRCA21.02 (0.44–2.36)0.961011.03 (0.38–2.81)0.9583
Sporadic0.92 (0.60–1.43)0.725610.96 (0.57–1.62)0.88400
  • NOTE: Breast cancer–specific survival analyses using Cox proportional hazard models according to blood TL divided into groups of shorter and longer TL around the median. Associations are presented as HR for short TL with 95% CI.

  • aAnalyses adjusted for age and year at breast cancer diagnosis, sample acquisition timing, ER and Ki67 receptor status.