Table 3.

Risk of incident cancera and periodontal disease according to HT use (E-Alone or E+P)b in the WHI-OS

Total (N)cTotal cancer casesHR (95% CI)dPe
Never17,6652,0921.06 (0.96–1.17)0.23
Former13,7621,4951.08 (0.96–1.21)0.19
Current30,9283,7461.18 (1.10–1.27)<0.01
  • aAnalysis of incident (total) cancer based on time to first diagnosis of any cancer.

  • bP value level of significance for interaction term set a priori at 0.2; P value obtained for interaction of periodontal disease with HT use was 0.17.

  • cNumber of valid responses.

  • dHR (95% CI): Hazard ratio and 95% CI. Hazard ratio and 95% CI, based on multivariate-adjusted model for age + pack-years + BMI only.

  • eP value for Cox proportional hazards according to various strata; statistical significance level set at P < 0.05.