Table 1.

Positivity rates and detection rates FIT with a cutoff of 10 μg Hb/g feces as simulated with equal and gender-specific test characteristics and as observed in CORERO-1

Positivity rateDetection rate of nonadvanced adenomasDetection rate of advanced neoplasiaa
 Observed (n = 2,857)10.71%2.56%4.38%
 Simulated with equal FIT characteristics8.60%1.80%3.48%
 Simulated with gender-specific FIT characteristics10.75%2.55%4.38%
 Observed (n = 3,129)6.30%0.86%2.17%
 Simulated with equal FIT characteristics7.89%1.50%2.72%
 Simulated with gender-specific FIT characteristics6.29%0.86%2.17%
  • NOTE: The model simulated with equal FIT characteristics had a GOF of 56.3, compared with a GOF of 0.0008 in the model with gender-specific FIT characteristics, a difference of 56.3.

  • aAn advanced adenoma was defined as an adenoma of 10 mm or greater in size, and/or with 25% or greater villous component and/or high-grade dysplasia.